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SOBLACC is creating a space that embraces Blackness in all its forms and celebrates the culture of being Black, and is holding space for those that do the same,  all while working to address the injustice that Black people are experiencing here in Southern Oregon. The weaponization of anti-Blackness has been codified in the laws, policy, and practices of this region and this state.  To ensure that the Black people living here are thriving and sharing our Black genius for solving old and new problems, SOBLACC is committed to building the political power, shared voice, and collective organizing force to change the laws and policies that make it difficult to enjoy living and thriving as Black people in Southern Oregon through advocacy, lobbying and candidate endorsements.


SOBLACC envisions a Southern Oregon that is a joyful, prosperous, and welcoming place for Black people to live, work and play. Thanks to our community organizing, issues advocacy, and political power building policy and law making in Southern Oregon shift to ensure that the Black community is setting the future trajectory of the politics that shape our lives. 


SOBLACC’s mission is  to be a political home for Black people in Southern Oregon. By building an engaged and active base of Black people, we will co-create a Black political agenda for Southern Oregon, partner with aligned Black organizations across the state and nationally in support of the liberation of Black people. We also aim to build a political base in Southern Oregon that can ensure that elected officials and decision makers are advancing our agenda at all levels of government. Ultimately, SOBLACC will be a driver for regional change that centers Black people, Black power, and a Black politic.

  • We are making sure that the social and racial reckoning is happening in rural Oregon

  • We are trying to position Black people from being reactionary but to being the drivers of the change we want to see, so that we can live in the world that we deserve to live in

  • We are doing that in a way that also celebrates our Blackness, that we don't have to live in deference to whiteness in order to feel safe

  • the history of anti-Blackness in Oregon


Thursday, Sept 2nd 6-7:30pm

Imagine Black & SOBLACC Redistricting Rapid Response Workshop

Ticketed Event

Thursday, September 2, 6:00 – 7:30 pm


Imagine Black and Southern Oregon Black Leaders, Activists, and Community Coalition (SOBLACC) cordially invite you to our Redistricting Rapid Response Workshop!


The Oregon legislature is preparing to redraw district lines this September and Imagine Black and SOBLACC are organizing to ensure that Black folks not only understand the redistricting process, but know that your voices count in the public hearings!


Join us on September 2nd, 2021 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm to learn more about redistricting, how redrawing districting lines historically impacts Black folks, and how you can participate in the upcoming public hearings.

This workshop is for Black folks only. 

There will be live captioning and ASL interpretation. 

****Currently all out of stipends but would still love for us to join as a volunteer.

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